Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lost in Translation

Yesterday, Hermela was complaining about her harness strap, so I tried to draw her a little picture to explain that she had broken a bone and needed to wear the harness. Now, I am definitely not an artist (as you can see). I showed her the broken bone and her eyes grew big and tears fell and she put her hands together and asked me to pray. I prayed and then realized that when I had made the motion to indicate a break in her bone, she interpreted it as me saying her arm was going to fall off (hence the need for immediate prayer and the tears). Well, I got my Amharic dictionary out and found the words for arm, bone, broken, better, and six weeks. I was able to piece together enough of a statement for her to understand that her bone would heal up in six weeks to which she replied "yes!" and smiled.

I think we got that all cleared up. She also received cake from my mom and flowers from Nick's mom, which helped to cheer her up.

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