Friday, August 9, 2013

School is in Session

We're back at it and it's so good to be back to some routine around here. 

The school room was relocated to our old playroom.  The big kids got big kid desks and our school grew by one with the addition of Colton, my newest Kindergartner.

Rahel is in 6th grade (so glad middle school is happening right here in our own house)

Caleb is in 4th grade.

Hermela is also in 4th.

Caroline is in 2nd grade.

Meron is our other 2nd grader.

Colton is starting Kindergarten and is very excited to learn to read this year.

And this little guy, while not actually in school yet, seems to do a good job of making his presence very known during the school day.  He is IN TO EVERYTHING right now.

And while everyone one looks peaceful and angelic in these pictures, rest assured that my house looks like a tornado by the end of the day (I had to take these pics at creative angles so you couldn't see the piles of books that I still haven't put on the shelves and the collection of pencils, paper, toys, and books littering the floor).  We are using Robinson curriculum which focuses on reading, writing and math and also My Father's World Countries and Cultures for our biblical world view which I am loving.  Lots of emphasis on missions, prayer and God's miracles.

My 2013-2014 Class

Praying this year is a blessing to us and to others.


  1. Excellent! Have a great year!

  2. that's great!
    We are using (and really liking!) ECC this year too--2nd grade is my oldest, so not all of the material. :)

  3. Rahel's in sixth grade?? Amazing. We have another month until we start. I can't wait (actually I can :).

  4. Oh, that's incredible. Your family is so beautiful...and it is so evident of the Lord's great work.
    We are doing My Fathers World this year too and loving it!!(our boys were friends of Rahel in Eth)