Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Baseball and a Birthday

June was packed FULL of baseball.  I'll start off by highlighting Caleb's all star season.
His team decided to go all RENEGADE on us and get mowhawks in preparation for the tournament.
Caleb gave us a good show in the first game, pitching like a champ!

The loyal fan club was there in full force and Colton even got in on the action as the official team bat boy.

We had special guests join us.  Granny Pat (great-grandma) and grandad came
along with FL Gee Gee and Paw Paw (not pictured) to cheer Caleb on.

Granny Pat got in on the hair action in between games. We had such a great time with her!

Then more spectating as we watched the boys win all 4 of their bracket games to come out on top.
Unfortunately, the team would fall in the playoffs after a stomach virus took down 3 players and 2 parents the morning of our first big game.  Bummer, but the boys played great otherwise and had a blast!

Eli thought he should have a mowhawk just like big brother.

Colton also followed in Caleb's mowhawk foot steps before his big tournament (more on that later)

June is birthday month for another special girl in the house.
Meron turned 8 and 8 is great!

Meron is a funny, generally happy girl who always has something to say (I mean ALWAYS :-)
She's got rhythm, a great laugh and is a fantastic big sister to Eli.
She's quick to forgive, has a kind heart and we know God has big plans for this little girl!

Happy 8th Birthday Meron!!!!
We love you!

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