Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ethiopia 2015 Day 5 part 3

Passing out care packages to the kids from their sponsors was one of the highlights of the day for us and for the kids.

We had prepped and planned and packed over 300 packages from sponsors at I Care and Trees of Glory.  It was quite an undertaking, but worth every bit of the work to see the faces of these kids light up when they saw pictures of their sponsors.  We also were thrilled to be able to have lots of pictures to share when we returned of the kids with the items the sponsors had sent.  There is something about seeing items you've hand selected make it all the way across the world and end up with the child that you've only known through a profile picture. 
It makes it all more real. 
They do exist. 
They are real people with real needs.
As sponsors we are given the real responsibility and privilege to build relationships with them and help to meet their needs.
The sponsors and friends and family who helped make this possible really embraced this project and you could see the love that went into each detail.

You can view this video below for more pictures of our time at I Care for the Nations.

Thank you to all who made care packages for us and to the sponsors who sent packages.  Introducing you to your child through pictures and letters was an honor.

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