Sunday, January 19, 2020

Spring 2019

Spring 2019 kicked off with track season. 

I'm so proud of all that these girls (and Meron) have grown as athletes and teammates.

We celebrated Easter a little unconventionally by heading to the lake after church.  It was the first weekend that was sunny and almost warm enough for a lake day, so we packed our Easter dinner up and ate on the boat.  We were the only ones there which was amazing.  We took in all of God's beauty around us and enjoyed a relaxing day as a family.

We hosted a friendly game of survivor among the kids.

Nick is the most fun dad.

It was one of those great days we will all look back on.

May continued with two birthday celebrations. 

Hermela turned 15

    And Caroline joined the teen team celebrating 13 years

These guys took to the road 

And our lake days continued. 

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