Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Special Day

Last week we had Rahel's readoption hearing. She was pretty excited to make things official. She was also excited to change her middle name from William (Nick's first name was automatically given to her in Ethiopia). Not the best name for a little girl.

So, she is now officially Rahel Candace.

We told her the story of how we found her name in Acts chapter 8 of the bible. The story is of Phillip and the Ethiopian Enoch. In the passage, the queen of Ethiopia named "Candace" was mentioned. We found out that Candace is actually more of a title used for Ethiopian queens back in the day. I liked the name and it was conveniently biblical, Ethiopian and started with a "C" (all of our kids have either first or middle names starting with "C"). She also liked it, so it was a win, win, win, win.

Here are the kids waiting for court. We had an amazing Christian lawyer who donated his services to finalize our adoption. Such a blessing.

Here we are with the judge after the hearing.

Now Rahel jokingly says, "I am Rahel Candace, queen of everything."

Meron asked, "If Rahel is the queen, does that make me a princess?"

Now our adoption is recognized by Ethiopia and the US and our state. So, welcome "officially" to the family Rahel Candace!

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