Friday, September 10, 2010

Supplies for Needy Kids

Nick will be traveling soon to meet our kids in Awasa and visit several other orphanages and care points in Ethiopia. While they are there, they'll be working on building projects and painting and facility improvement projects. They will also be spending as much time as possible loving and playing with these needy children.

We've had several people ask if they can donate anything for the trip. The group he's going with has planned two craft activities and we have just received a list of items that would be helpful for these activities as well as other supplies that would be good to have for the kids.

Below is a list of items. Anyone that wishes to contribute items for the trip can contact me at We will need the items by next Friday the 17th to allow time for packing. We will also gladly accept monetary donations as supplies can also be purchased while in the country.

Strong string (leather or hemp)
Colored pony beads (esp. black, red, clear/white, blue, gold, green)

Crayons/Markers, construction paper, kid scissors, banquet sized paper plates, and glue sticks.

In addition to this, other recommended items to bring for the kids:

Soccer balls (deflated – with pumps to inflate and leave at locations)
Some kind of sweet treat/candy
Pens, pencils, notebooks, etc.
Balloons (regular and for balloon animals…)
Nail polish
Jump ropes
Foam shapes, etc.
Any kind of sport ball
Any kinds of outdoor games
Any kind of basic first aid supplies (bandaids, etc.)
New or very gently used T shirts

We appreciate any donations and will be sure to post pictures of the kids receiving and enjoying these items!

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