Sunday, September 11, 2011

Melkam Addis Amet!!!

Last weekend we celebrated Ethiopian New Year with our local Ethiopian Women's Group. We are so lucky to have been introduced to them through our Ethiopian Adoption Group. We had no idea that such a large Ethiopian community existed in our area. They offer weekly Amharic lessons and celebrations throughout the year. We are looking forward to starting to learn/relearn/reinforce (depending on which child you're talking about) Amharic and building relationships with them. We had such a great time visiting with our new friends.

the kids tried some coffee
This was before we left--all dressed up. We were actually about 40 minutes late to the party and when we arrived, the host greeted us and said they had just started serving lunch-traditional Ethiopian cuisine. I told her that we were on "Ethiopian time" (because we were so late) and she thought that was so funny. She said that they had actually been hurrying to be on time because they knew that Americans were coming.

Happy Ethiopian New Year

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  1. How fun! I think my life runs on Ethiopian time. I'd do well there. :)